Over 24 years experience working in Sexual Health and Education means my experience is a great asset to you and your family.
How To Have Conversations About
Sex & Sexuality With Your Children Aged 2-12
You know it needs to be done...

and you're worried about what, when and how...

Well good news! You can stop worrying,

 This video from a leading professional Sexuality Nurse Educator gives you everything you need..
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Parents you  need to be the main source of information about Sex and Sexuality for your children. You probably never had  adequate sexuality education when you were growing up, don't let  history repeat it self.  Your kids need information from you more than ever now,  they are growing up in a sexualised society. 

This video will provide: 

✔️ Information you need to start and continue, essential Sex & Sexuality conversations           with your kids

✔️ Tools, tips and information to increase your confidence with discussing these topics

✔️ Age appropriate language & ideas that will help with some of the trickier topics


A once off fee of $27 includes:

- Instant access to the video covering ten topics
- A 6 page printable PDF resource guide to keep 
- A link that is yours forever, to watch the video when ever you choose
- You can stop, start and rewatch at any time, now or later


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I heard Vanessa speak at our
school last night.
She was brilliant.
I'd like to hear her presentation again & also have the opportunity for my partner to hear her too.
So much to learn.  It was SO good.
I thought I was reasonably well versed, having talked to my kids since they were very young. But there is so much more depth & breadth than I'd considered.

Thank you again Vanessa. 
Best Talk I Have Been To!
This was easily the best talk I have been to about anything to do with my kids.

Straight to the point,
informative and actionable.

Loved it - thank you!
Informative & Entertaining!

Thank you for such an informative, entertaining, interesting, enlightening and excellent presentation.
Your dedication and passion for all things Sexual health was inspiring and we are so grateful for your insights and knowledge. 
It is truly a very frightening time with the surge of pornography and worrying about our children.
Attending your workshop was reassuring in that it helped us know what we are doing right, and what we can do to further support our children in this area. 

I'm Recommending!
Thanks Vanessa. It was well worth attending and I'm recommending your talk to every parent!

Great work you are doing - very informative and very well presented.
I'm sure there are others you know who could benefit from this training, so please feel free to share this page using the links below...